No matter how spiritual and strong you are in your relationship with God, there are certain adversities that bring that faith to test.

When you desperately need something from God, you might find yourself feeling hopeless and this might cause you to question what you believe in. You sit back and watch others get their miracles and blessings. You tend to wonder when your turn will come and sometimes, you even worry that He has turned his back on you.

Ruby Suze shares her heartbreaking story on how her struggle with infertility has done a lot to shake her faith. It is not easy to celebrate with mothers when your whole body yearns to be a mother yourself. Ruby understands exactly what this must feel like and her heartbreaking story is one a number of Nigerian women can relate to.

Not only did she open up about her struggles, she also made sure to encourage women going through the same thing. She has words of wisdom, advice and support for women struggling to conceive.

In this video she talks about what it is like to be a Christian struggling with faith and fertility.

Watch below.