Every parent wants an academically brilliant child. Such a child will be a source of joy and pride to their parents. Besides, when a child is good in school, it improves his self-confidence and this will serve him well for life.

You might wonder if there are ways that you, as a parent, can help your child reach his academic potential. Here are a few things you must do.

Start early

It is important to start grooming your baby’s memory and brain early in life. From birth, begin reading to him. Intensify this once he gets to a year old. Every night, or as often as you can, pick up a book and read together. Your child will learn words much faster and you will soon notice that he can even read some parts of the book you read over and over again. This means he is working hard on building that memorization skill.

Do homework together

There is no other way to know how your child is coping with his school if you do not do his homework with him. As you work together, watch him. Try and observe how his brain works so that if you have any concerns (like if he takes a while to understand a concept, for instance) bring it up with his teacher so you can both work together.

Have a good relationship with the teacher

You should always know who your child’s teacher is and develop a relationship with them. A lot of teachers are actually quite relatable and they appreciate it when parents talk to them about the kids. This helps them put the right focus on your child.

Know his weaknesses

When a child is not academically sound, there is usually a reason. If it is not a medical one (like a learning disability), then it could probably be that the child is lazy or he might have problems memorising important concept. Knowing his weaknesses will help you and the school know where to place your focus. If your child feels lazy or procrastinates studying for instance, you can try giving him deadlines that if he did not meet, will attract consequences. Be consistent with this and his bad studying habits will soon be a thing of the past.

Talk to him.

You will be surprised to find that all it takes for a kid to buckle up in class is for you to give the required encouragement. Build his self-esteem and avoid comparing him with other kids. He needs to know that while you would love him regardless, you will feel intense pride if he does well in school. You might think that this goes without saying but words carry a lot of strength, especially when repeated again and again.

Basically, if you want a smart child, you need to be involved in his studies. And do not forget to give words of praises when they do well.

If all seems fine and your child still struggles in school, it might be worth it to bring it up with a child specialist. When there is a learning disability, the earlier it is discovered and worked on, the better.