When you have a baby girl, you are usually faced with the decision of whether or not you will be grooming her hair earlier rather than later. This decision is solely up to you and there are no major disadvantages either way.

If, however, you do choose to begin your baby’s hair journey earlier, you might want to know what hairstyles are perfect for their tender scalp and growing hair. You might want to know about beautiful hairstyles and if you are a busy mum, you might need hairstyles that would not take too long to make.

In the video below, a Youtuber, ¬†AmberNavaeh shares her tips on how to fix and pack your baby’s hair in a few fun styles. These styles are quite simple to learn and quick to create. You can also add your own creativity to these styles and make it your own.

Be aware that it is advisable to wash your baby’s hair once a week. If you wash too often, it will end up looking dry as you would wash away the natural oils.

Mild shampoo, shea butter and olive oil are enough to treat your baby’s hair. There is no need to spend money on expensive products as these can even irritate her scalp.

Watch the video below.