You must have heard it time and time again, that carrying or holding your baby when they want will spoil them. This is one idea that Nigerians love to repeat over and over again. A mother will be pressured into ignoring the cry of her own baby even when, deep down, all she wants to do is hold and comfort him.

Well, science has confirmed that letting your baby cry and ignoring him will do more harm than good.

A recent study has shown that touch is a very important part of a baby’s development and the benefits are immense.

In an evaluation of 125 infants, they measured the babies’ brain responses to puffs of air to see how they would react to gentle touch.

They studied premature babies and full-term babies. They found out that premature babies who had more gentle touch from their parents and hospital caregivers responded more strongly than those who were not touched or held as often.

In conclusion, being touched and held has a permanent impact on a baby’s brain and it will affect how they develop, communicate and behave later in life.

It is okay to hold your baby. In fact, it is more natural and is very required. It is time you ignore and stop peddling advice that means you should let a crying baby continue crying. There is a reason why the instinct to hold, carry and cuddle a baby is so strong. It is because bodily contact will help shape how the child reacts to the world around them.

So the next time that grandma gets on your case for picking up your baby, stay confident that you are doing the right thing.